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Unused Assignment Groups Still display in Gradebook?

Question asked by Don Bryn on Aug 7, 2016
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I have some assignment groups that contain only unpublished assignments--assignments never seen by students.   These groups still show up in the gradebook, though they contain no assignments nor grades and are listed as being 0% of their final grade.   I'd prefer students don't see them at all.  Is this possible?



I keep my lesson plans in Canvas.   In order to keep them in line in my modules by date, I use assignments with dates, but do not publish them.  In my view, I see student assignments AND my class plans, all in date order.   Students see only their assignments.   However, in the gradebook, students can still see a group column called "Class Outlines", with no assignments or grades.



I have assignments I do not currently use in the course, but have in the past.   I want to keep those assignments around in case I want to use them in the futures.   So there is a group called "Unused Assignments."  This column still shows up in the students gradebook, though there are no assignments or grades.


I think it would be much more professional for students to NOT see these group columns, but I don't know how to get rid of them. . .