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Dealing with Dates in Canvas needs some love

Discussion created by Don Bryn on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

So I'm setting up all my courses by copying from my sandboxes into fall semester shells.  This is really quite a tedious process and I don't think it needs to be.   We just need a better way of dealing with dates in Canvas.


For some courses, I copy and shift dates, calculating how many days from end of last semester to end of next semester.   But then I have to go through the calendar and shift all quizzes/assignments/events that fall near a holiday.   If the drag is over the month, it can sometimes be impossible.  In the end, I have to drag and drop almost all of them onto different days.


One of my courses copied fine.  The next went all wonky, I think because there are slightly different lengths to the two semesters.  Dates got shifted in both directions.


For other courses, I then copy from the first course into another course that is a different section of the same course.   Our courses are all set up in Canvas as individual courses, even if they are sections of the same course.   So for this course I then have to shift all quizzes/assignments/events by 2 hours.   I though this would be easy--I used the google doc for changing due dates and it worked perfectly.   For one course.   For the next it just kept deleting ALL due dates.   So I haven't figured that one out except for going through every piece of my course individually and editing.   Hmmmph.


I have another course on McGraw Hill's Connect website which isn't perfect, but has more options than canvas.   I was able to adjust dates times much more easily because all assignments can be edited in one list.   See the screen shot below.  Only took me about 3 minutes to fix dates for the entire semester.   This same task would take me about an hour in canvas because I have to open every assignment individually--especially if I need to change the TIME.


This is just managing a database of dates and numbers.   Computers are pretty good at that.   All we need is a function in Canvas that gives us a GUI for doing it.   Please!!!


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