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Sharing files outside of a class

Question asked by Susan Winter on Aug 11, 2016
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We are in an atypical situation. When a student applies to our program, we will have them upload some application assignments within an application class that we are building. I know from experimentation that those files, although uploaded in the class, will also be in their Files. After they have been accepted to the program, we need those assignments and a few new ones to be accessible to the instructors of the first class before the class has actually started. After that class, I need for all of the previous assignments, plus those in the first class, plus a couple of new ones to be accessible to the instructors of the second class before the class has started. And then once more with everything prior and some new for class three. How can this be done?


I do not see a way to send a link to a file folder. I can create a portfolio and add files there, which I can then share with a link, but that is so difficult to do.


Why isn't there an easy way for files to be shared by a user? And why can't admins access every file in the system so they can gather and share them with the appropriate instructors?