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Elementary Courses and Power School

Question asked by Diahann Snisky Champion on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Hailee Anderson

Hi all, here is an issue that I cannot figure out and I am hoping that the community can help!


1. Elementary teachers are going to start using Canvas:

  • PowerSchool has a "course" for each content area in for example a 2nd grade classroom
  • When PowerSchool pushes to Canvas it pushes those 5 different "courses" to Canvas
  • In Canvas now that 2nd grade teacher has 5 different courses and the students need to access 5 different courses
  • Is there a way that those 5 different courses can go into 1 course for the teacher/student to access and then have the grades pushed to the right place in PowerSchool?


2. As background the High School pushes each section of a course from PowerSchool to Canvas as separate courses because that is how the teachers want it


Thanks in advance!