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blog from profile,with permissions

Question asked by JOYCE on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by JOYCE

I’d like to make a blog summarising informal teaching meetings for my colleagues to read (rather than clogging up their email with meeting minutes). I only want it to be visible to staff- not the public or students. One option is to use the ePortfolio section in Canvas and then send around a link to staff in order that they can access it. But it would be better if they could click through from my profile. This raises a couple of questions I haven't yet figured out the answers to:



Can you search for people through the site any how? (I have colleagues who I don't share courses with, but whose profiles it would be good to see).


Is it possible to have an ePortfolio visible on my profile page, so that staff can search for me, then click through (but only staff can click through, not students)? That way I wouldn’t have to send a link regularly, people would just know where to go. It would also be good if they could opt to get updates from the ePortfolio.


Suggestions most welcome!