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Did the Rich Content Editor change how videos are displayed recently?

Question asked by Glen Parker on Aug 12, 2016
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Here is the issue in detail.   Ever since we have had Canvas we have been linking videos in the Rich Content Editor using this process
- Upload the videos to files,
- then in Edit mode on the page or assignment we click on the Insert File option on the right, find the video file in the course documents and click it to hyperlink it to the text we have highlighted in the RCE.


Upon Saving the page or assignment, the video would be linked to the text for download and it would also embed on the page with a thumbnail and a play button to view it there.


This is now not happening. Now it only is linked to the text for download. Pages created previously are working with the embedded video, but any pages we have created today do not.


Did this behavior change recently?   Was it documented somewhere that I missed?