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Why does the Grades section have two equivalent sets of entries?

Question asked by William Silver on Aug 17, 2016
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I just imported content from an practice Canvas course into a new course with students listed in it.


The first screen shot below shows how the Grades section looks for a test student. The top set of entries appears functional while the bottom set of entries does not appear so. The top set lists the specific item graded while the bottom set lists the Assignment category within which the graded item is located.


In the second screen shot (partial) the "duplicate" sets of entries are on the left and right halves of the Grades section, respectively.


I am a new user of Canvas so I am not sure what's going on. Is this Grade display normal? I would welcome any help or information. Thanks.

--William Silver






Screen Shot 2--Center section of full class view

In the Assignments page, "Essays 3 & 4/Out of 150" grade (on left side) is listed within "Progress Grade 3 & 4" Category (on right side)