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Setting up separate lecture/lab grading weights within a Canvas course

Question asked by Julie Zwies on Aug 16, 2016
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I was using Engrade recently as an instructor for my courses. In each course (ex: Chemistry)  I was able to create a separate Lecture portion and a separate Lab portion (each weighted 50%) in order to determine the final grade for the overall course.  The nice thing about Engrade is that I could create separate Lecture and Lab elements, determine sub-weights for assignments within each portion, then take the end grade produced for each portion (Lecture and Lab), and average both grades together at the end to determine their final score for the course.  However, I just found out that Engrade will no longer be supported for free, so I have to come up with a similar system within the Canvas gradebook ASAP, and I have never used it before.  Here's the grading settings I need to try and program within the course:



Chemistry Lecture (50% of grade):

Unit quizzes-14%

Unit tests-25%


Online assignments-11%

Final Lecture Exam-25%


Chemistry Lab (50% of grade):

Lab Exercises-30%

Case Studies-21%

Lab Class Project-18%

Lab Participation-6%

Final Lab Exam-25%


Average of Chemistry Lecture grade & Chemistry Lab grade= Final grade for Chemistry course


If someone can tell me how I can set up a similar grade weighting system within Canvas, I would be forever grateful.   Class starts next week and I really need the help.