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How to manage Calendars in Canvas

Question asked by Don Bryn on Aug 17, 2016
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I teach at the college level and work multiple jobs.   So my calendar app has a few calendars in it, all color coded, and I can't count on memory because events are different every week.


Since my schedule includes many non-repeating events and gigs, I really live and schedule by the calendar.   So I need to see when my classes are scheduled, beginning and end dates of semesters, school holidays etc.


However, if I subscribe to my Canvas calendars, I see every assignment, quiz, event, for every course.   This is impossible to read and makes the calendar RSS useless.   So I try turning off the RSS Canvas calendar, but then I don't see anything about school schedule.  Last semester I double-scheduled a few things.


Is there ANY way to feasibly manage the calendar so I don't have to type all my classes for every semester in twice (Once in Canvas and once in Calendar)????


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