Discussion Forums..or lack thereof

Discussion created by jcombs@newteachercenter.org on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Robert Brown

Hi everyone-

As you probably know, discussions in Canvas need some love for larger communities of practices - we have the need for discussion forums that can be organized into categories and stay threaded.


We looked into using the open source version of Vanilla discussion forums, that requires hosting on your own server, but as we investigated, we learned that the current Canvas - Vanilla LTI is not updated.....and the Vanilla community forums haven't revealed anyone who has updated that LTI either.


Therefore, we are back to square one.......looking at having to pay a subscription to one of the Discussion Forum tools out there.


Before we go too far........is anyone using a Discussion Forum tool right now that is connected to Canvas with a LTI? (Forumbee is not an option because the discussions are not threaded).

If so, how's is going?