Tiffany Morgan

Recommendations for Teacher to observe other classes

Discussion created by Tiffany Morgan on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by Karen Hickenbottom


We are looking to increase collaboration amongst our teachers and we want to allow teachers to have the ability to observe another course for which they are not currently the teacher of record. I think of this as digitally poking their head in the door of a colleagues classroom


They would be able to:

  • observe how the teacher is organizing the course
  • view their discussions, assignments, pages

Ideally they would not:

  • be able make any changes to the course, including grading
  • Not be visible to any students in the course.
  • Not receive any course level notifications for courses they observing


Without having yet done any testing and could see where I might be able to create a custom role (ie "Teacher Observer") and then enroll the users into that role for each course the wish to observe. I wondered though if anyone has recommendations for this, things they were doing already that is working well, things to not do?