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Question about uploading changes to the gradebook via a .csv file

Question asked by Michelle Everson on Aug 18, 2016
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Hi Everyone,


I have set up a pre-assessment in my course as a Practice Quiz.  If students complete this quiz, I want to give them 10 points toward a lab activity grade.  In this particular course, we have about 1000 students.  So, our plan is to download the Practice Quiz data into Excel, give students 10 points (regardless of their score on the quiz), save the data in .csv format, and upload to the grade book.  We think, in the long run, this will be easiest. 


Not all students will likely complete the pre-assessment, so my assumption is that when we download the data, we'll have some missing names.  Will that create a problem when we upload to the grade book?  My assumption, if I have the necessary information in the .csv file, is that grades will be matched to students based on their names and IDs.  If there is a name in the grade book that is not in the .csv file, that would just be ignored, and that student would not end up having a grade for that assignment.  Is that correct, or does the .csv file need to EXACTLY match the grade book in terms of listing the names of all students in the class?


I hope this makes sense.  I also wonder if I might practice uploading now, with the handful of students who have already taken the pre-assessment, just to see if things will work in the way I am hoping.  In other words, can I upload now, and then upload again later on when I have more grades, or must I wait until I have the full set of grades?  If I can upload now and then again later, will the second upload override the first upload?


Canvas is quite new to me, so I appreciate your help!!!


Thank you!