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Kaltura Playlists or Multiple Galleries in Canvas

Question asked by Tyler Clair on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Mike Mitchell

For all you that have the Kaltura LTI tool, do you know if it is possible to turn on playlist creation in My Media or Media Gallery? I have been trying a bunch of different combinations of settings in the KAF but nothing seems to work. I saw here:  that they seem to be using multiple media Galleries so I was wondering if that was a possibility as well. We are having an issue when using tabs in a page with multiple videos. If you do not let the page load completely and wait for all the Kaltura CDN content to load when you go to the tab with the videos they randomly say Access Denied.


If we place them in playlists the performance of the page improves greatly but we have to create the playlist ourselves and embed it into the page. We want to allow our faculty to create their own playlists but so far I haven't found the right settings on the decoder ring to unlock the secret