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Best software / hardware for screen casting mobile to PC

Question asked by Jeffrey Brady Expert on Aug 25, 2016
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I am wanting to screen cast mobile devices to a Windows PC for the purposes of taking screenshots/screen captures and to also be able to display the device screen through a projector attached to the PC. I looked through the Community and found Go Completely iPad in the classroom posted by Don Bryn concerning the use of Airserver, but, so far, that is the only thing I was able to find. 


Is there anyone else who uses screen casting with iOS and/or Android devices for any of the reasons I mentioned above?  If so, what hardware/software are you employing to make this possible?  I would prefer a single solution for both iOS and Android, as I use and test both types of devices, but if an all-encompassing solution does not exist, I don’t mind acquiring multiple pieces of hardware/software.