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Why does the Canvas app show concluded courses?

Question asked by Tiffany Lo-Finch on Aug 25, 2016
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Why are concluded courses listed on the mobile app?  And more importantly, why do current/open courses not automatically populate on the dashboard?


We are a 6-12 school with 4 marking periods a year.  So in one year, a student is enrolled in 28 courses a year, times that by the 3 years we have had Canvas- we have some students that have 84 courses listed in their Canvas app.  It is maddening to try to find all their current courses in that list in order to mark them as "favorites".


Is there something I can do on the admin side to remove concluded courses other than deleting them which I obviously don't want to do for recording purposes?  I thought about unpublishing them, but it won't let you.