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How can you navigate between catalog and canvas dashboards when the dashboard item and icon in Canvas goes to Catalog? Or when it points to Canvas dashboard you can no longer get back to Catalog?

Question asked by Tim McShane on Aug 26, 2016
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Hi guys,


I have an issue with the way our users can move between Catalog and Canvas, do you have any ideas?



Currently, when I log into Canvas the word ‘Dashboard' appears at the top of the screen.


When I click on the menu item Dashboard or the Icon at the top of Canvas menu I am taken to the Catalog’s “student dashboard’.


I understand that these two items are linked and you cannot have one linked to Catalog and the menu item linked to Canvas Dashboard.


Similarly, when we have the menu item Dashboard linked to the Canvas Dashboard and therefore the icon at the top linked to Canvas, there is no way to get back to Catalog.


Would you agree that this is an anomaly?


Has anyone found a way to either make the dashboard menu item and the icon at the top point to different places or has anyone come up with a solution to this problem?


All the best,