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Is there an audit log for enrollments?

Question asked by Chris Lalande on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Elizabeth Oseid

It would be great to find out whether there is an enrollment log API call or functionality in the UI that would allow us to see the history of a user’s enrollments:


For example, Instructor Teacher McGee:

  • Was enrolled in the LEC001 section by the SIS Import process on 8/11/16
  • Enrolled himself in DISC302 8/26/16
  • Enrolled himself in DISC301 8/26/16
  • Unenrolled himself form LEC001 8/26/16
  • Was re-renrolled in LEC001 manually by a Canvas admin on 8/27/16



There is a Course Audit Log in the REST API:


But this appears only to show when the course was created, activated, etc.    I cannot find anything similar for enrollments. 


The enrollment API call gives you data on the latest update to the enrollment, but not any history


I believe this data is being tracked, because our customer service rep has been able to tell us on a previous issue that the instructor un-enrolled himself.   Is this data accessible anywhere?