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how to keep track of students hours spent at our center.

Question asked by Anum Nasir on Aug 28, 2016
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Hi,  I am working at a learning center that aims to provide math plus english (reading And writing) skills to our students. As apparent, we guys are new to canvas and are trying to get a hang of most things here. My main questions circles around the roll call attendance app. We in our center want to keep track of our students coming in on different days spending variable amount of time at the center.


What i have researched about the roll call app ,it does not let us keep track of number of hours a student spends at our center...Plus it treats students in a course as one class (ofcourse that what its made for) ...on the other hand we are looking for a much customized option.


Is there any other app which lets us do what we want,by manually inputting hours spent of the child on whatever days he is supposed to come.

would really appreciate your suggestions!