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One-To-Many Course-To-Section Practices

Discussion created by Cameron Moore on Aug 30, 2016
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We're a new HigherEd Canvas customer and have several production courses this fall for "beta testing."  Right now, we're creating courses and sections in a 1-to-1 manner to keep things simple.  We have traditional cross-listed courses to deal with, but like most schools, many of our faculty members would love to have sections of the same course merged under a single course for convenience.  I have many questions about how we might implement a 1-To-Many Course-To-Section SIS integration, so I was hoping the Canvas community could share experiences about how your institution makes this happen.


In our scenario, our current course and section naming format is something like 16FA_MATH1301A and 16FA_MATH1301B.


  • How do you name or ID your courses once merged/cross-listed?
  • How do you handle changes in the catalog before the semester starts?  Ex. Instructor Jane is teaching section A & C, and Joe is teaching section B.  Then section A gets reassigned to Joe (now A & B) which leaves Jane with just section C.
  • Do you allow merging/cross-listing after a course has been published?  Are there any sanity checks for that?
  • How much development work did you invest in making One-To-Many work?
  • Do you do atomic API calls for everything or do you use CSV files?
  • Do you auto-merge all sections or do you have some way for instructors to add their desired courses to a "merge list"?


It may not be relevant, but we're an Ellucian Colleague shop.


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PS - I'm aware of the FERPA issues.


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