Jennifer Evans

to delete or not to delete - that is my question

Discussion created by Jennifer Evans on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Kymani Cunningham

As a district, we are requiring training in CANVAS prior to any other teachers setting up their courses in CANVAS.  With the addition of a district wide “landing page” for both elementary and secondary, I want to require teachers work through our CANVAS orientation before having access to their courses in CANVAS.  I ran a SIS export to change course status.  I thought I had three options of “deleted”, “inactive” and “active”, but when I uploaded the report I received error messages for each course labeled inactive.  So, obviously that is not one of my choices.  Now to the real question – Is it better to “delete" the unused courses and restore them as more teachers complete the training or just keep them all active?  The only concern I have with deleting them is the enrollment in the classes.  But, if I keep the courses active, I can’t guarantee that the courses will be set up the way we have designed them district wide.  I welcome your thoughts and ideas.