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Extreme Discussion Slowdown

Discussion created by Fred Bidwell on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Fred Bidwell

This is our first semester to use Canvas for full courses.  We are noticing that once Discussions get up to approx. 80 or more replies, the page rendering is so slow that it becomes basically unusable.  The "Reply" button is the real problem because it takes several minutes for the RCE to even load, and there is a lag of 10-20 seconds between typing and the text appearing. With such incredibly poor performance, it is not reasonable to expect students to use discussions.


This is having a severe impact in our online courses where it is very common for a 30-student class to require 3 posts per student in discussions (i.e. 90 posts).  The problem is not related to images or videos, as this is happening in text-only discussions.


The "inspector" in Google Chrome says a forced reflow is a likely performance bottleneck. I don't know enough about web design to make much of that , but I though it worth mentioning.


Does anybody have any tips for working around this?  Is this an issue Canvas developers are aware of and working on?