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Can Canvas grade this way?

Question asked by Heidi Dickens on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Heidi Dickens

I am trying to help a faculty member make his syllabus match a grading structure in Canvas and am a bit perplexed.  Here is what his syllabus says (this is a Biochemistry first year experience class...not real structured):


student grades are based on 50% attendance and participation (14 classes), and 50% on weekly assignments (13 assignments). Together these are 27 gradable items. I say in the syllabus that in order to pass they must not miss more than 3 (classes or assignments). Students need a minimum of 24/27 to pass so that would make each worth 3.7%, and passing would be 89% or higher. However, in the syllabus I say that I'd deduct 10 points for each class or assignment missed, so 70% is passing.


He wanted all grading complete/incomplete and we did that with complete = 10 and incomplete = 0.  I was okay with putting the class assignments in a category weighted 50% with a drop 3 rule, but then he added the "deduct 10 points for each class or assignment missed..." and I got confused.  For the record, he is perfectly willing to revise the syllabus to reflect what needs to be set up in Canvas.

Thanks for any advice from those in the community more experienced with the ins and outs of Canvas assignments/grading.