Peter Sjödin

Appointment Group with varying locations and slot sizes

Discussion created by Peter Sjödin on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by Rob Ditto

I would like to use Canvas to let students sign up for group sessions. The sessions are in different rooms, and the rooms have different sizes. For instance, one session is scheduled on Monday at 10 in room A with 20 seats, another session on Tuesday at 13 in room B with 30 seats, etc. Each student should sign up for one session only.


I thought I should use the Scheduler tool to create an Appointment Group for this, with one appointment slot per session. But in an appointment group all slots must be at the same location, and have the same user limit, so this wouldn't work. I could have one appointment group per session, of course, but then a student could sign up for more than one session.


Any advise on how I could use Canvas for this?