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Export syllabi?

Discussion created by Jennifer Stevens on Aug 31, 2016
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Something that drives me slightly bananas every semester is the problem faculty face when they're asked to turn in their syllabus to their department.


The faculty who try to get with the technology and create their class in Canvas complete with assignments, calendar, and all, have a problem when it comes time to turn it in. There is no good way to export the syllabus from Canvas, so do they then have to make a second syllabus just to turn in? Do they copy and paste the info from all of the different areas of Canvas? Do they create a bunch of PDFs and try to combine them?


Or do they decide this is too complicated and go back to keeping all the info in a word doc they link to on the syllabus page of Canvas (and then get confused over which iteration of the doc they are on or forget to replace it when they make changes)?


I made a feature request, and I would love if it could get some admin love:

Export Syllabus with Assignment Details


Hong Chau, this used to bug you as well - does it still, or have you found a better way around it?