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Quizzes randomly empty, timer keeps running.

Question asked by Don Bryn on Sep 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Colin Chavoor

I had thought this was a one-off, but now the next quiz in a certain course is randomly showing up empty for students.   And for every student that it shows up empty, the moderate quiz page shows the quiz timer running.


Funny thing is, for the first quiz, the timer was running for a majority of students, all with the exact same time.


The only way to fix it so far is for each student to go into the quiz and submit, then I give them an extra attempt.  Only the 2nd attempt do they see the questions.   But other students have no trouble.   This is a screen shot of the moderate quiz page with one student stuck:

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 9.04.08 PM.png


I'll try support, but in the meantime, has anyone else run into this and have a solution?   I really don't want this to happen throughout the entire course!