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In Class Tests, grade with rubric

Discussion created by Don Bryn on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Kona Jones

I have a series of performance-based tests I give in-class one-at-a-time.   I usually grade using a rubric on paper and then enter the grades in Canvas after class.


Is there any way for me to create an assignment or quiz that I can grade based on a rubric in real time? 


I'll explain in more detail if it helps:

Students in our Aural Theory course must improve some specific musical skills and take tests based on those skills at the end of each unit.   So they must sing given intervals, and conduct while sight-singing musical examples.


I print out the intervals and musical examples and grade each student in real time on specific criteria, writing on paper.   Then after class I add up the points for each question and enter the grades in Canvas.


What I would like to do is enter the grades directly into Canvas instead of on paper first, but to do so I need to be able to grade each interval, or musical example.   I need to create a list of questions in Canvas that I can grade in real time, but which are not answered by the students in Canvas.


Is this possible?  Can anyone think of a way to accomplish this?