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Teacher Role Concluding Enrollments for Withdrawn Students

Question asked by Jackie Hubbard on Sep 2, 2016
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Teacher concluding enrollments:


We're in our first full year of Canvas implementation after a pilot last year during Semester 2.  School starts on 9/7 and schedules are changing.  Last year, pilot teachers were able to conclude enrollments for students who had withdrawn from their course due to schedule change or leaving district.  This fall, I was trying to help a staff member conclude enrollment for a student who has changed schedule but the teacher is not able to see the option to Conclude Enrollment when they go to the profile page.  Pertinent details - we are integrating with our SIS nightly, the course isn't published yet and the course isn't visible to students until 9/7/16, the first day of school.  What do I need to toggle in permissions so teachers can conclude enrollments?  Is there something we can configure in our SIS Skybuild that would automatically conclude enrollments for withdrawn students?