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Rubric Misbehavior in iPad Speedgrader App?

Question asked by Dan Barnett on Sep 3, 2016
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Hi, everyone,


As I began using the iPad Speedgrader app to grade discussions, I was horrified to see that the rubric in the app did not work the same as displayed in my browser on the desktop.


On the desktop, it's clear that the Student Learning Outcomes (labeled A, B, C and so on in the image) are NOT part of the grade. That's how it was set up. So when I select "exceeds expectations" for B, for example, no points are added to the total at the bottom. So far so good. Here's what I see:



But when I try to do the same thing in the rubric for the iOS Speedgrader app, the rubric mistakenly adds points from the Student Learning Outcomes. That's NOT what I want! Here's what I'm seeing:




What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug?


Note: I didn't save this grade entry (shown in the image above), so I don't know if the results as saved "strip away" the outcomes "points." Too scared since I don't know how to undo it if the wrong numbers show.


Second note: I graded a student submission first on the desktop, then opened the iOS Speedgrader app. What showed in the rubric for the student was the correct point total, even when a student learning outcome was 3 or 5 "points." Strangely, the two outcomes I didn't use for this assignment, and which were not highlighted (that is, no cell was chosen in the rubric on the desktop), showed zero selected in the iOS app.


I checked the desktop Mastery grade book, and there was no activity on the outcomes I didn't use for the assignment. Presumably if zeroes were reported from the rubric, then the column for A, for example, would show that number.


Bottom line: It appears that when I START with grading on the desktop, the rubric shows the correct configuration in the iOS app (except the outcomes not used are given zeroes). But when I START with the iOS app, the "points" from the outcomes are incorrectly added into the score.


That renders the iOS Speedgrader app useless.


Please help!