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I want to fetch the users details using the Canvas id of particular user.

Question asked by Shalu Yadav on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Garth Egbert

I am using  /api/v1/users/3282 API. But it gives different values for access_token of admin and access_token of instructor.

I want to retrieve the sis_login_id of instructor user.


Response when token is Instructors:



  "id": 3282,

  "name": "Shalu Yadav",

  "sortable_name": "Yadav, Shalu",

  "short_name": "Shalu Yadav",

  "avatar_url": "https:///images/thumbnails/204235/pSznz1ykIbNHM3hMa2Ecj263QZ1U8K1MOofpTESz",

  "locale": null,

  "permissions": {

    "can_update_name": true,

    "can_update_avatar": true





Response when token is Admin’s :



"name":"Shalu Yadav",

"sortable_name":"Yadav, Shalu",

"short_name":"Shalu Yadav",















Can anyone suggest me what to do?


Should I use some other API?



Thank you in advance!