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Course Designer Questions

Question asked by E1114657 on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by E1114657

I am a newly hired course designer for a K-12 school district and I have 4 questions:


1) Most of the hyperlinks I add to text and images open in new windows automatically, but some do not. Is there a way to ensure the link will always open for students in a new window?


2) Is there a way to force students to work on the lessons in order. Basically blocking student access to additional lessons without unpublishing them---because all students work at different paces.


3) When I look under Modules lessons are in chronological order, but when I open the Assignments tab the lessons are in a different order. Can anyone explain this?


4) I need assistance with text wrapping in the editing mode. I tried copy/pasting the work over from Word, but that does not work. All the text moves to the bottom of the image when I paste it into the editing screen.


Thanks so much!!