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Uploading QTI file into incorrect Question Bank

Question asked by Gerald Lenaz on Sep 8, 2016
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I am uploading Cengage's test banks (which are setup as zip file).  These are the actions I'm taking:

1) Settings->Import Content

2) Select the source of the zip file and keep "Overwrite assessment content with matching IDs"

3) Select "Default Question bank" as an existing Question bank (but has no questions).  Eg: Ch7-Cengage

4) Click Import


The file imports, but none of the questions are in the selected question bank.  They actually show up in a different questions bank (eg: Ch1-Cengage)?


I've gotten around this issue by just deleting all of the questions banks, uploading them separately to create separate question bank files, and then moving the questions.


Has anyone else run into this problem?  Or is this a bug within Canvas?


Any additional help or resources would be helpful.