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Delete instructor from many courses

Question asked by Manuel Aguilar on Sep 9, 2016
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I am new to canvas and new in this job at Houston Community College.


We do training for our faculty thru canvas, in order to teach them how to use it. That means, our Instruccional Development department manages the training for our faculty this way: they create a course, enroll all the faculty (as students) in this course, and for each one of the studens we create 6 sandboxes for practicing + 1 development shell where each student will build their final project. In this development shell are 3 users enrolled: The student/teacher (role teacher) and two instructors (role teacher). This training endures 1 month. The problem is that once the training is done, the instructors are still enrolled in the development shell of each particular teacher, it means they have bunches of courses in their profile.


I have to write some code (we use python) to drop all these instructor from those development shells. The problem is that I don't know where to begin! Could you help me with any idea? I have to interact with some csv files (users, enrollments, sections, etc.)Tyler Clair