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Discussion created by Sue Elvins on Sep 11, 2016

Wanted to share a URL article I came across and will provide the first bit of it then link to the rest...


"In our recent post, Education’s Curious Fascination With Uniformity, reader James Foss left a useful comment that had within it an interesting concept–the “purpose of knowledge.”

“Is it the standards that dictate curriculum or assessment practices that dictate pedagogy?

It is possible the current standardized model might be a new and improved model over the disparate standards educators have historically developed in their respective communities, at least, as it concerns rigor and the ability to compare each school’s progress (from a certain orientation). However, it is important to underscore Mr. Heick’s point that uniform standards don’t get at the degree of localization that vibrant communities are inclined to favor."

You can read the rest here: Create A Curriculum That Questions The Purpose Of Knowledge

Enjoy the article finding!!