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imscc: content pages are always imported as Attachment type

Question asked by Mari Luz on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

When I import a "Common Cartridge 1.x Package" into a Canvas course, all the html pages are imported as "attachment" instead of "Page" or "WikiPage". For example, with a simple imscc test package:





I need import the "content page" correctly, for example as the following course where I have created manually the page:


If I am not confused, the type associated with a html page is "webcontent".

I have imported several imscc example course (availables in others web sites), and the result is the same. All the content pages are imported with the type "attachment" instead of "wiki page".

With Moodle this problem does not exist. The same imscc package is imported correctly, with pages:


Do we need some additional config file or anything else in the imscc package?


I know that a Canvas course exported package has some course_settings files, and in the file "module_meta.xml", the content_type for "Content Pages" is "WikiPage": For example:



<item identifier="ic79b227da9d86ae9ff02af41d47302d4">













<item identifier="i40954f1c731fb4d54a8fa358f3088c26">













The imscc package has to have a specific Canvas structure?


The imsmanifest.xml  of my imscc test package is:



Thanks in advance.


Mari Luz