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Can I create a response form in Canvas?

Question asked by Andy Bobyarchick on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Andy Bobyarchick

In Moodle, I have an assignment that accepts a database entry from students for assessment. In effect, the response form is a list of fields that the students complete. This form has entry fields for the following: student name (text), an image (uploaded by dragging or file upload by the student), fields for GPS coordinates of the photo, and a text box for notations. When I grade the response, I use a rubric and can look at each student's response as a single page in Moodle.


I can see no way to create a response like this in Canvas. You can have students upload image files, but apparently not into an integrated field with text responses. Google Forms are useless because image uploads are not allowed. (I guess you could have people use Google Drive and then insert a link. That would be awkward.) We could use Google Docs, but that would induce problems with non-uniform document structure. I would not want to grade 100 differently formatted documents.


Other than using a third party resource like jotform, I see no way to create this kind of response form in Canvas. I am new to Canvas and may be missing something.