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Articulate-based content not loading in Canvas

Question asked by Timothy Danner on Sep 13, 2016
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We're in the process of moving existing non-credit courses from other LMS's to Canvas and seeing loading problems with our content that was created using Articulate Studio '13 and Storyline 2. The player will load but the first slide won't, and we just see a spinning wheel. Oddly, the content we developed using Studio '09 loads and plays fine in Canvas. Also, all of our Studio '13 and SL 2 content loaded and played without incident on two other LMS's.


The problem occurs when uploading the content as a zipped file through the Files upload feature. Ideally, we'd rather upload the files this way instead of using the SCORM tool to upload because 1) we don't need them as SCORM packages, 2) the content becomes an assignment in Canvas, which is not an appropriate place for the content. Right now, using the SCORM tool is the fallback, as it's the only way to upload the content so that it loads and plays.


Is this something being addressed by Canvas, or is there a resolution available that will allow for housing the content in Files whereby there are no loading issues?