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Problems recording media comments on assignments

Question asked by Mary Zampini on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by Canvas TietgenSupport

I use Canvas on a Mac computer (OSX v. 10.11.6). My language students often submit voice recordings as homework assignments. When I evaluate them in the Speedgrader, I like to provide oral feedback so that I can model pronunciation for them. However, I cannot record comments. I can usually record comments for the first one or two students, but after that, it stops working. The "Record/Upload Media Comment" screen will show the gray rectangular box saying "connecting" but the connection will never be made. Sometimes the Adobe Flash Player Settings window will pop up repeatedly asking to allow Canvas to access the camera and microphone. I will click on "allow," but to no avail. I do have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed; that is not the problem. This happens to me on both my office and home computers. Can anyone suggest a fix?