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Easier way to edit a quiz?

Question asked by Keith Nabozny on Sep 14, 2016
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Here is the scenario:

You create a quiz for your course in Canvas. Some students take the quiz and find a poorly worded question or ambiguous answer. I can modify their grades so that they are not penalized. However, I would like to fix the wording of the question or modify the answers to be clearer.


As I understand it, if I modify the existing quiz when some students have not taken the quiz, the students that have not taken the quiz will get the modified version, but the students that already took the quiz will have answers that do not match the updated question.


If I wait to modify the quiz until after everyone has taken the quiz, then the updated quiz in Canvas will be different than the one the students actually took.


What I have been doing, which is really convoluted, is this:

  • export the existing quiz (Quiz03-v01)
  • import it into my Sandbox
  • edit the quiz, rename it to Quiz03-v02 and save it
  • export the quiz again
  • import the updated quiz into my course and leave it unpublished
  • next semester, delete the old version of the quiz and publish the modified version of the quiz


Is there a better process for updating quizzes?