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How do I prevent my cartridges from creating duplicate LTI app configurations?

Question asked by Dan Hammari on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by Dan Hammari

When I import a thin common cartridge, the import process creates a local app configuration for the third party LTI settings. However, I have already created a global third party LTI configuration of the same name as an administrator. The newly created LTI app configuration entry overrides the global entry that already existed. This causes a problem because the local version does not have values for the consumer key and secret. The content requests for this cartridge fail because the local cartridge is incomplete. If I delete the local LTI settings entry then links begin to work correctly because they are now using the global LTI configuration entry.


Is there a way to keep Canvas from automatically creating a duplicate LTI app configuration setting each time a load a common cartridge? Is there a way for the thin common cartridge to specify that an LTI app configuration setting should not be created if one of the same name already exists?