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UPDATED: "login_id" doesn't always change via SIS CSV file import

Question asked by Jay Taplin on Sep 14, 2016
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I posted this originally asking if it was possible to change a login id using the SIS CSV file import process because I had a login id for an existing user that was not updating.  However, I tested against another record after posting my question and discovered that other user accounts will update if you put a new login id in the CSV file that is imported.


This discovery causes me to change my question:


Are there known scenarios where the login id won't change to a new value when importing a record via a CSV file (example at bottom of this email).  Please note that if I enter in a different first or last name or a new email address, those will update on this particular record - but the login id does not.





I have tried numerous other login ids (in case there was something invalid about the one I'm testing), and none of them change for this particular user.  If there is one, I am guessing there are others, so I want to find out the reason so we know whether to introduce a manual step into our name change workflow or if there is another route we need to go.


Thank you in advance!