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How do I get weigh items within a group?

Question asked by Sarah Lievens on Sep 14, 2016

I grade my courses by weighted average of points akin to 'groups' in Canvas. However, within those groups not all items have the same points, but they should be weighted the same in the final course grade.


Homeworks - 12%, Quizzes -  45%, Final - 43%


So there are six quizzes. Each is worth the same overall percent (9%) and the lowest is dropped. However, due to differences in course material, not every quiz has the same number of points, say 35, 40, 42, 38, 50, and 46 respectively. How do I get Canvas to weight each of those equally without breaking them into separate groups?

Breaking them into separate groups eliminates the drop feature meaning I'll have to hand update them after every quiz