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Adding instructors to groups

Question asked by Raven Piercey on Sep 16, 2016
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I'm an instructor of a large year long course that is taught in a small group format. I typically have around 140 students who are divided up into small group of 8-10 students. Each small group is taught by two instructors. Because we share all the same content, we have used the sections feature to divide the students into groups in Canvas. This allows me to restrict the instructors to be able to only see their 8-10 students when it comes to grading and assignments (getting notifications for all 140 is just too much!!).


Here's the problem we're running into: We'd like to use groups so that each small group would have it's own mini-site, so to speak. A place to post schedules specific to that group, discussions, collaboration, etc. Where I'm struggling is that I can only add students to the groups. I would love to be able to add instructors as well. Does anyone have a suggestion for working around this problem?


Thanks so much!


Raven Piercey