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Discussion created by Thomas Rietz on Sep 19, 2016
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How can I accomplish this?

  1. We have Assurance of Learning (AOL) quizzes in about 8 topic areas that all students in our MBA program should take.
    1. The topic areas cut across about 8 different courses.
    2. Ideally, the students can see the quiz about when they finish the relevant course.
    3. There are students in several different programs that do not take the courses in any particular sequence.
  2. The overall AOL measure is the sum of the individual topic area quizzes.  We need this all in one place.  Right now, we've got an ongoing "AOL" course.
  3. The individual quiz scores may be used by instructors in the topic area courses (but not necessarily).


What we have now is a set of quizzes (one for each area) that each draw random question from question banks related to that specific area.  They are in an ongoing course.  The gradebook for the quizzes in the course sum up for the total AOL score.

Right now, there are no students in the AOL continuing class, but were ready to implement it brings up a number of questions:

1. Is there a way to have students in one class directed to take a quiz in another class (the continuing AOL class)?  If so, do they have to be registered in the continuing AOL class? Or when they take the first quiz, can they show up in the gradbook forever after that?

2. Alternatively, is there a way to keep adding names to the class list every time a section of another course is offered?  Can the students in one course be redirected to take a quiz in the AOL course?

3. Some instructors might use the quiz for grading.  Can the grade on the quiz in the AOL course be transferred to the gradebook in the original course? (Or, can it be transferred in the other direction?)

4. Is there a way to associated a student with a "program" that they're in (not a class or degree...for example, Evening MBA, daytime MBA, executive MBA, etc).  All of them need the same AOL measures, but we also need to break it out by type of student.

Thanks. Tom