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Discussion created by Andrew Starnes on Sep 19, 2016
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Hello Canvas Community! I teach for a virtual program in my county and interact with Canvas on a daily basis. One feature my colleagues and I started to use quite a bit was the "notes column" feature of the grade book. We liked the idea of being able to see a students total grade and seeing a note about the student. I like to use the note for what communication I have made with the students parent. We quickly noticed the entry for the column feature is limited to a certain amount of characters.


This got us thinking how nice it would be if Canvas had some sore of Communication Log where we could keep track of student contact. Right now we use google sheets to make a spreadsheet of this contact. I wanted to see if the community saw any interest in having a contact log feature or idea built with in Canvas? This could possibly just be an extension of the notes column feature to allow for more characters.


I understand this would be an idea for the feature request page, but I wanted to see if there was any interest here in the discussions area first.