Adam Figueira

Using alternate reality games (ARGs) to drive engagement

Discussion created by Adam Figueira on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by John Martin

I'm wondering if anyone has experience using an ARG to drive engagement in the course. I know this has been done with games like DUST. A couple of years ago some colleagues and I put together this project with zero budget, but we never got funding to get it fully off the ground. In fairness, our fundraising efforts were a mess. We made a ton of mistakes. But my team is still committed to bringing it into being when the time is right. We actually had a couple of the creators of DUST mentor us in the early stages, and we feel like the idea is strong. I'm wondering who out there has tried something similar and what lessons you've learned from it. Anyone feel like sharing?


I'd also love feedback on how to improve our project. I'm using many of the  same mechanics currently with Canvas instead of the site described in the project. I'm wondering specifically about how Canvas might be further leveraged to facilitate the interactive elements of the game. Thanks!