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Administering a Test Over Multiple Days

Question asked by Lori Berney on Sep 20, 2016
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Original Subject Line: How can we pause a test that is partially administered one day and and continued on the next class time without allowing access to the test outside of class?


Our school schedule is a modified block schedule where there are 5 class periods a day.  The 1st and 5th period classes meet everyday and are half the time as the other class period.  Periods 2, 3, and 4 meet every other day and are double the time of the 1st and 5th period class.  We are in desperate need of a way to administer a test, have it locked after class, and then reopen on Monday and close again at the end of class.  As of right now, the only way to do that is to remove the time limit and manually move the available date.  That is driving us nuts!  Is there another and efficient way of doing this?  Please advise quickly please.

Also, we need the parents of our students to be able to see Canvas.  We know there is a Beta application, but that was the number one issue that the parents want for our Canvas courses.