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Canvas Permissions suggestion

Discussion created by Peter Hess on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by Garth Egbert

It's been noted before that feature requests that are primarily of interest to administrators often don't collect many votes.  I submitted a feature request that's now up for voting, which obviously I think is worthwhile, and I'm trying to 'gin up some votes, but also to get feedback as to whether others would find it valuable.


The request is to be able to give someone (a student teaching assistant, usually)  the ability to grade student work in Canvas without giving them unfettered access to the grade book.  We like to, and feel that it's our responsibility to, keep grades as private as possible.


My request is here:

Separate assignment grading from grade book access


My sense of the response to the suggestion from Canvas has been along the lines of "why would you want to do that"?  It has gotten only one up vote so far.


Thanks for your attention.