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Badging in Bulk to Big Numbers

Question asked by Mickey Sullivan on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Mickey Sullivan

We are a large district, about 130,000 users.  One of our district level resource teachers wants to issue badges in bulk to students and teachers.  This resource teacher has access to our PowerSchool records and can pull student ID's and names in bulk, and filter for identifiable information, including courses, grades, and GPA.  We created a sub account for his needs and created courses within that sub account per graduating class (ie. 2017, 2018, etc.), thinking this was a good place to start.


As an example of what the resource teacher would like to do:  He may have students who achieve a certain GPA, have complete a specific course, or have attend an event.  Perhaps he would like to give all 6th graders (in the Class of 2023 course) who received a 3.50 GPA or higher a badge.  There may be 2000 6th graders who qualify to receive the badge.  Is there a way he could create a badge and assign it to all of those users via ID or name in bulk


I searched job aids and resources, and didn't see anything that suited my needs.  Maybe I missed something.  Any advice or ideas?


Thank you,
Mickey Sullivan

San Diego Unified School District