Jesse Mcternan

Limitations and Functionality of Canvas App (iPad/Android)

Discussion created by Jesse Mcternan on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by Rita Fennelly-Atkinson

[EDIT: Kona Jones's reply is very useful. There appears to be discussions of this type already happening.]


I am trying to figure out what to expect from the app version of Canvas (particularly for the iPad, but also for Android devices). Should I expect full functionality on theses apps? If not, then what niche purpose do they serve for instructors? The screen on my iPad is big enough to use Canvas through Safari, but it is very slow and cumbersome. The app however, does not allow editing or displaying groups, adding calendar events, does not display my university's images (in the People tab), and many other secondary, yet helpful features. Maybe I just don't know to use the app.


Nonetheless, I would be interested in hearing what others' expectations are for these apps? Should I get my hopes up for full functionality or just use the web version. Another way of asking this is, what do you (instructors) use the app version of Canvas for?