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Is there sometimes a delay before assignment submissions appear in SpeedGrader?

Question asked by Nancy Webb on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2016 by Nancy Webb

Has anyone experienced a problem with delayed appearance of file submissions to assignments in the SpeedGrader?  Could there be a delay between the submission time and when SpeedGrader shows it being submitted, in certain circumstances?


An instructor was grading assignments about 20 minutes after submissions were due and available, a file upload assignment.  I can see in Admin reports, on submitted assignments, that he was grading alphabetically, moving from one student to the next.  He entered a 0 for one student and says there was no assignment submitted for her at that time.  The next day she questioned the score, he looked, and saw the assignment had been turned in about 45 minutes before the assignment closed.  It should have appeared when he did the grading.


Is it possible SpeedGrader would not have displayed either the fact of submission or the submitted document when he looked at her submission page?  Note that an assignment turned in two minutes before the due date/time WAS graded that evening. The student in question turned it in 45 minutes before the due time.  Even if the document was slow to load in the crocodoc previewer (file was only 10kb in size), SpeedGrader still displays the date/time of the submission and the name of the file while file contents load.


Or is there something procedural the instructor might have done incorrectly using SpeedGrader?  This appears to have happened with more than one student.